Monday, 10 October 2011


    I don't know why, but I am reminded of a certain friend, many years ago now, who was concerned about the lack of rainfall in the region and I felt I needed to share this story with you. 

    Everything in the country was drying up, from a drought. The water resources were dwindling and even the levels in the wells were out of reach. Cattle and other livestock were thin and crops were withered in the dry dusty heat.What to do? He told me that prayers were to be held at a near by temple and thousands of people were going to assemble there and earnestly pray for rain.

    A few days after the event,  I saw my friend and asked him how the prayers had gone? He gave me a disappointed look. He told me in a thoroughly disgusted tone that it had not gone well. "Do you know", he said, "there were thousands of people there - but not one brought an umbrella"


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