Saturday, 22 October 2011

There is no higher God than Truth

A man who is truthful and sincere to his soul and to the world around him is the most powerful being in the world. There are people who have considered truth as a penance and lived their whole life around that principle .Mahatma Gandhi,the Indian freedom fighter is one of them .His autobiography "My experiments with truth'  clearly shows that he has lived his whole life on this principle, no wonder he was able to influence so many people and all the masses of India  followed him.
This is a story said by him in one of his interviews to a journalist.This particular journalist argued with him that it is impossible to speak truth in practical Life. Gandhi disagreed with him and said its not hard to speak truth even in difficult situations and said the following story to the journalist.
The story was about a monk who was meditating in the forest.It so happened that, One day a hunter was chasing a deer .The deer trying to run away from the hunter came and went  into a bush in front of the monk to hide while the monk was seeing it do so .The hunter who was following the deer came up to the monk and asked him If he saw the deer coming that way ?. The journalist smiled and said,"This is what I am talking about,tell me sir what should the monk do if he sticks to being truthful and say that the deer is in the bush he will be responsible for its death.If he says he did not see it ,he will be lying .
Gandhi smiled and said ,The monk answered the hunter " My eyes saw the deer ,but my mouth refuses to  tell you ."Saying thus Gandhi said it is not necessary that you should answer every question asked to you in life,when you do not want to say the truth and if you think that by saying the truth you will be doing harm to somebody,you need not lie rather you can just remain silent and not answer.
There is no higher God than Truth 
The truth of who you are is much more beautiful and valuable than any deception you could construct. The more honest you are with yourself and with others, the more you’ll tap into the real and lasting value in your life.
~ Ralph Marston

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