Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Zen Master and the King

Long Long ago there was a king ruling eastern part of the world.A zen monk visited him one day while passing through the kingdom.The king was very pleased at his peaceful looks and serene presence and requested him to be his guest for one day which the zen monk agreed to be.
Later during the day while walking through the palace ,the king started to tell him about his problems, about the ministers that are disloyal to him,about his wives and about the people in the kingdom that don't trust him and explained of how he does not have peace of mind at all.While he was saying all this the zen monk suddenly embraced a large pillar in the palace and started shouting to the pillar "leave me leave me leave leave me pillar" .the king was annoyed and confused and said to the monk., Master it is you that hold on to the pillar and why are u acting like that.?The zen monk left the pillar,smiled and said "Oh king in the same way it is you  that hold onto all this worries in your mind and you complain that you don't have peace of mind.let go of all that in your mind and u will be free.Saying thus, he left the kingdom.

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