Wednesday, 12 October 2011


    An excerpt from
    Walk the Talk
    by Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura*


    QUESTION: What does "courage" have to do with being a person of good
    character...with someone who stays true to their principles and their


    You see, being values-driven means two things:

    Doing what's right - following our conscience; refusing to compromise our
    principles, despite pressures and temptations to the contrary, and

    Taking a stand against what's wrong - speaking out, whenever we see others
    do things that are incorrect or inappropriate.

    Courage is...

    Following your conscience instead of "following the crowd."

    Refusing to take part in hurtful or disrespectful behaviors.

    Sacrificing personal gain for the benefit of others.

    Speaking your mind even though others don't agree.

    Taking complete responsibility for your actions...and your mistakes.

    Following the rules - and insisting that others do the same.

    Challenging the status quo in search of better ways.

    Doing what you know is right - regardless of the risks and potential

    I'd like to share the "Cadet Prayer" that is repeated during chapel
    services at the U.S. Military Academy:

    "Make us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong, and never
    to be content with a half truth when the whole truth can be won. Endow us
    with the courage that is born of loyalty to all that is noble and worthy,
    that scorns to compromise with vice and injustice and knows no fear when
    truth and right are in jeopardy."

    That is truly the essence of courage.


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