Thursday, 20 October 2011

The elephant and 4 blind men: GAUTHAM BUDDHA’S CONCEPT OF TRUTH (GOD) –Part 2

So Buddha explained to the 4 persons from different faiths that most of us are like those 4 people understanding God in our own ways and thinking that our version of faith is the right one.
He continued questioning the 1st person what is the nature of God according to his faith and what does his faith ask him to do? He replied that His God is all compassionate, infinite, all pervading, loving and so forth. Then he said his faith demands him to be truthful, nonviolent, loving towards your neighbors, charitable and so forth. The 2nd,3rd and the 4 person described more or less the same qualities for their Gods to  and more or less the same things that they followed. Hearing to all of them Buddha smiled and said’ When all your faiths demands you to be ethical ,moral ,loving and nonviolent and if you are following it ,there is no conflict between your faiths .Hearing Buddha say this all the 4 people realize their mistake and bowed the great teacher and left satisfied.
The Great teacher Buddha has never commented upon God for him it was not important, what was important was an ethical moral nonviolent principled life through which he said one could get liberated from this cycle of life and death and attain Nirvana which according to him was the absolute truth.

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