Monday, 27 October 2014

The fruit in the Mango Garden !!

There is lot you could read about God, religion,life and world but it boils down to one thing, this life of yours and it's purpose .

Long long ago there was a mango garden in a village. The children of the village always wanted to enter the garden and eat the fruit but could not because it was locked. One day the owner of the garden took out the lock and allowed free entry to all the children of the village to enter the garden and do whatever they want. All the children of the village were overjoyed , ran into the garden, some of the them started to count the number of the branches on the tree, some of them counted the number of leaves and some of them tried to find out who is the owner of the garden and what was the history of  his fathers and grandfathers but there was one girl who climbed the tree plucked the fruit ,started eating it and enjoying it.

Life is like this garden too, it have so much knowledge around if you want to learn , so much details, so much amazing concepts but the purpose of life is to eat the fruit and enjoy it, who cares about all the other knowledge . But what is the fruit to be eaten . Some say that fruit is God realization , Nirvana, Samadhi etc..... Whatever it is it's important to search for it and strive for it. Blessed is the man who is on this path of striving for the fruit of life and striving for the truth !!


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