Tuesday, 12 February 2013

State of mind

Our mind is the most important tool we have in the search of truth.a well trained,disciplined mind is a blessing on us and at the same time an untrained mind leads to destruction.
Every man in this world does  have different states of consciousness.from the time you wake up in the morning to night when u sleep and even in sleep you pass through this phases of consciousness in your mind.one minute you are happy,next hungry ,next sleepy ,next sad.different things around you elicit different reaction in you.The sages,saints,yogis and the scriptures describe that during the process of search of truth ,you have to reach a state of mind which is undisturbed by your surroundings.it does not mean you become inert and non living but it means you are in a state of constant bliss.Is there bliss in meditation and prayer and singing hymns of praises to God.All those who experienced it know there is bliss.that bliss which overflows through the heart and makes you feel calm .which de stress you from the surrounding chaos and confusion that exists around you.the aim of truth seeking and god seeking is to first achieve that steadiness in mind ,get that state by anyway you want>>>>> prayer,meditation,scripture reading ,satsang,singing hymns,selfless work>> the aim is to reach that state,not just taste it but so consistently  train our mind to b in that state all the time when we are awake,working,sleeping ,eating,praying,talking. This is real yoga. That is the natural state of mind,every other state was superimposed on our mind.we need to dehypnotise ourself and remove all other super impositions and steady our mind ,only then true religion has become .

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