Sunday, 2 October 2011

Body Mind and Soul

Body Mind and Soul
  • Everyone of us are made up of three components to our personality :body mind and soul.Body is the most external part of our personality ,we nourish it clean it, feed it,identify our self with it but it perishes and turns to mud and becomes nothing yet it is important to remember that body is an important tool in our search for truth .
  • There is a whole different world that exists inside us made up of our thoughts that rise from our mind formed by our past experiences and they shape our future life .controlling this flow of thoughts and sharpening our mind with total command over what it thinks is another important aspect of our search for truth.
  • Both the body and mind shine and act through the brilliance of the soul .Soul is that which connects us with each other,the universe and beyond. The closer we are to our soul the more we see the world as one entity .They say it is what is closer to  ultimate truth.How to identify with it is the basis for our search for truth.
  • We at truthseekers decided that all the posts we post from now on will be to strengthen these three aspects of our personality.There will be topics regarding strengthening our body mind and soul and through which we will try to get closer to the truth. I am very excited with this blog and hope we all experience bliss in our life. thanks for all ure encouragement.
  • Bless,

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